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Always Room for a Garden, July 2010

Submitted by Robin Rhodes-Crowell on Fri, 2010-07-23 02:00

This blog, unlike all the others, is written far in advance of its appearance date as I will be traveling through the last half of July. For today though, it is 92F at my house, yet I am baking. It will be worth it when we sit down to a fresh cherry pie tonight. Today my daughters and I picked cherries out in our orchard. The trees are full of red ripeness and we couldn't resist baking a pie. This is one of the sweetest treats of the summer – it doesn't get any fresher than this. I'll go on to freeze some of the cherries so we can enjoy them this winter in yogurt and crisps.

Even as I am pitting the cherries though, my mind travels across the globe. My daughter and I leave for Rwanda, Africa in five days. By the time you read this blog, we'll only have a few days left on our adventure. We are going to visit a sewing project whose products we sell in our shop ( The project trains young women who are now the head of household. The women are then able to earn an income and also receive tutoring in English, math and other skills. We'll be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Rwanda while also volunteering in a variety of ways for the project, including help with gardens. Due to Rwanda's dense population, space is critical and a garden there must be space efficient. I am taking information on how to make sack and square foot gardens.

Once I am back, I hope to share more with you about these two gardening methods. I do believe they are very useful for people here, especially those with limited space. Growing some of your own food, no matter how much, is a rewarding experience. Growing food in a small amount of space is possible. Landscaping with vegetables is one way and growing herbs and tomatoes in pots is another. Sack and square foot gardens are two others. I think after we discuss all the options, it will be easy to remember there is always room for a garden.

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